Call me forth.

Say my name.

Give me the prompts.

Demand I write again.

Slice me open.

Let me bleed.

Give my hand a pen.

Pour my words out in ink.



You gathered your clothes and ran into the bathroom while I opened the door for the owner of the house. You came out when decency had been restored and cuddled with me, laying between my legs; your head resting on my belly. I had been thinking of the best way to say it but sometimes, the best way is the unplanned way and that was what I chose.

“I wanna tell you something…” you turned your whales on me and locked my gold fish in them. My heart raced, trying to shut me up but I went for the plunge anyway…

“I am in love with you.”

The look in your eyes and the smile that crept up your face was all the current I needed to awaken me to the joy that is loving you. You cradled your face in an attempt to curtail the blush but it was late for you.

Upon exhale you said, “Thank you for finally catching up”.

Nothing between us has been conventional so I was not surprised by your words. You reached up and kissed me.

Your three words make me weak, still; my three words awaken me to the current that is You and Me.


What you are.
What you bring.
The love you give.
How you think.
The way you walk.
Your essence.
Your smile.
Your moans.
Your honesty.
Your laughter.
Being your partner.
Seeing you daily.
Loving you daily.


“Dearest baby-girl,

You have always had a spark in you; bright and incomprehensible. You blinded me when I dared to glimpse you and I guess in fear, I tried to dim what I did not understand. I hid the light with so many dark covers, but guess what? The light burned through them covers…albeit slowly. I have to ask your forgiveness baby-girl, for dimming your innate light; and ask you to ensure you can make it burn bright and blinding.

Your heart is big and filled with so much love to give; love for yourself, for family, friends and pets…you even have some in there for the plants. It is little wonder as your name itself means love. Do not let the world kill your ability to love, and the range of love you have to give. The world is poisonous, flowing with cruelty, guarded by some weak minds, expensive and can stretch you beyond your ability–do not let these things stand in your way! Dare to love who you do, love who you are and love what you love without harming another.

You have a voice with which you sing, you laugh, you speak with it–I am sorry for not teaching you how to speak up for yourself early enough, that was a great mistake! Fear not baby-girl, it is never too late to learn that. Speak up when keeping quiet threatens your sanity and safety; but also learn to ask yourself WILL MY SILENCE BE WISER?

You are a bundle of so much good and evil and light and darkness. Walk in balance. Let not the world steal your thunder.

With love,

You in 20+ years.


Straight. Bisexual. Lesbian…? Genderqueer, so……trans?

Not a tomboy not a full femme either. But. Genderqueer? Really? I guess why not?

Loner, except for lovers and pets.

Must have intoxicants to survive……eh not must but better with than without. Other times, just too lazy to exist sober because human.

Human? Very sexual. Sexy slob? No. Tidy with a side of determined laziness.

Self-motivated twice on Sundays and some other days of the week.

Cat owner that loves dogs.

A person, breathing, existing; layered.


The rain fountain has been turned off.
The cold breeze is no more.
The wet walls and muddy ground
Have given way for the dry times.
As the rain fountain dried up,
The bright yellow sun ball
Has resumed work in all its glory;
Brighter and hotter than before.

And this is not its final form.

It will get hotter, and brighter.
Indoors the heat will hold you tight,
Draping over you like a damp blanket.
Outdoors you’ll be blinded by the light,
And your exposed skin will feel like it’s being assaulted by a million tiny pins.


Our love is not welcome openly, so we hide behind closed doors. We can hug and air kiss but that type that makes my heart race…we must not show outside.

Our love is forbidden, so we hide behind closed doors. We tone down our sex sounds, hands over mouths, faces buried in pillows to mute our orgasmic screams. They might kill us if we try to play this play outside.

Our hearts yearning for each other, forever, is unwelcome. With all the cis-het, dick swinging macho men out here, we settle for our kind? Abomination! So we are one inside, and two friends outside.

We are not wanted outside no matter how real what we have for each other is, on the inside. So, remain we must, in the secrecy of our home and safe spaces; we must keep out evil behind closed doors

But I’m coming, axe swinging; these doors are going down.


“What is happening? And what is she wearing? Am I being seduced right now? Help! What is happening now?”

“Oh goodness me! How am I supposed to sleep? Are my palms sweaty right now? Wow Yo! Can you not behave?”

“Why is her ass all the way out here?”

*deep breaths*

“How the hell am I going to sleep beside that??? Shit. I should have gone home! Why though? Has it been that long that you haven’t touched a woman?” “YES NIGGA! Damn long ass time too!!! Why is she blinking like that? Is my life suddenly in slow motion?”

*deep breaths*

“Wow. Is she actively seducing me now? Why do I feel trapped? How am do I focus on sleep when she keeps poking her ass out and………”


“I can’t sleep… ((cuz I can’t focus on anything except your ass)) Please may I hold you? It may help me sleep……If you don’t mind of course”

“She had to respond with backing her damn ass up? Wow woman! Please don’t grind your……–*squeezes eyes shut*–dammit!!!”

“Why am I fondling her boobs, why is she responding? Are we really kissing right now? This isn’t supposed to be happening. How did……fuck!”


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